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Monday, July 18, 2005

An unsentimental bloke

This weekend Big M suprised me by hiring a car (our car is still at the mechanics) and driving me out to his parents farm. They were in town for the weekend, so we had the whole weekend to ourselves. It was wonderful.
The farm means so much to me. When Big M and I started seeing each other, we would go to the farm most weekends. In summer we would spend hours trying to cool down at the creek and in winter we would rug ourselves up against the cold and take chairs, food and beer down to the bonfire and take it in turns to tell the tallest tale. We were often joined by one of Big M's cousins, brother or friends he had come join in the fun. Even as a city girl I always felt right at home.
Big M first told me he loved me out on the veranda on a cold, winters night. I was going to Europe for 6 months (I lasted 4 but that's another story) and we had just made the big decision to stay together as a couple while I was away, rather than break up and meet again when I got back. Big M told me that he couldn't bear the thought of me being with anyone else because he loved me and never wanted to let me go. If you know Big M, then you know that he is not a sentimental man and this is why I treasure that night so much in my heart. We have been a couple ever since.
As time went by, it became more and more difficult to get away for the weekend to visit the farm. I began working 6 and then 7 days a week and any precious day off was spent in bed or catching up with friends and family in town. Over the last 3 years we had only been to the farm 3 times. And I missed it so.
This week I mentioned to Big M how much I missed going to the farm, especially in winter with the rain tumbling on the tin roof and the fire roaring in the grate. And my very unsentimental bloke, snuck away early on Saturday morning - before I was even awake, and hired a chariot to take me away.
And the farm ws everything I remembered and more. The smell of the rain on the grass, the sparse winter sun glimpsing through the tall gum trees down near the creek, the almond grove looking as if it ws just about to bloom. Big M lit a beautiful fire and in between endless cups of tea and a game of trivial pursuit, we wandered around the paddocks and down to the creek. The sheep are so used to Big M's Dad that they followed us on our ramblings-their little lambs bouncing around them. I can't remember a weekend I have enjoyed more. And as we lay down on the mattress we had stretched out in front of the fire, and snuggled under our blankets, I thanked God for the night that Big M decided that he loved me and never wanted to let me go. Because I will never let him go - not for all the sentimental blokes in the world......


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