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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Gale force winds in Melbourne. I let my hair down and reveled in it.

For years I had afro hair - a bit like Micheal Jackson during the "ABC" days. My Mum would shave it as close to my head as she could possibly get it and between the ages of 7 and 16, I either looked liked a shorn sheep or, in the in-between stages- disco Stu on E. I hated my hair and the fact that it never moved or changed shape. In high school, girls would stick pens in my hair which would stay put until I finally bent over. When I was 16, I finally met a hairdresser who would chemicaly straighten my hair. For 7 years I would religiously visit this hairdresser every 6 months to get my hair permed backwards, so it would look like a really bad Madonna pre-1990. When I first had it done the hairdresser asked me what I was looking forward to the most. I said to feel the wind blow through my hair.

Last night, I was walking from the tram stop to home and the force of the wind almost knocked me over. My hair had come away from my clip in parts and I decided to give in and let it all hang loose. My hair is below shoulder length and as it swooshed in front of my face and bellowed behind me, I gave out a loud laugh. It was wonderful.

As I got to my apartment building, there were new neighbours leaving the foyer. I believe they looked at me and my skewiff hair in disbelief. I just looked them in the eyes (and through my hair) and said " Pretty windy out tonight".

As I entered the stairwell, I heard them laugh. Thank God for wind blown hair. Thank God for chemical straighteners. Thank God for progress. Hee....


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