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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And so you're back...

I haven't known what to write for awhile. The thing about blogging is you don't know if anyone is actually reading you and if they are, do you really want to burden them with all your fears, desires, dreams and ideas. So, I continued to daily visit the sites that I love and sometimes I come back to this site. And I sit. And I stare. And I have no idea how to put all that I feel into a paragraph. And so then, I turn off the computer. And go and watch some telly.


  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger telfair said…

    I like your new template...glad you're back! I really enjoy the insightful comments you leave on my site. Plus, I LOVE reading Melbourne blogs, 'cos it's so exciting when I know where people are talking about!

    Anyway -- you asked about Wool Baa -- the address is 124 Bridport St in Albert Park. Between Montague & Ferrars. It's right near Tram Stop 28 on Route 1, and about a block from Stop 128 of Tram Route 96.

    It's a "boutiquey" yarn shop, so rather expensive, but nice. The lady who helped me was really wonderful. Jo Sharp & Rowan yarns. Bliss.


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