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Friday, September 16, 2005

Goodbye Mum, I love you

My Mum passed away 2 weeks ago - 4.45pm on 3rd september 2005. I don't want to remember how or why - I just want to remeber her. She was my best friend and I really don't know how I am going to get along without her. But I'm trying...because I know she would want me to.

It's the little things I miss- the smell of her hair, her soft hands, her big hugs. Man, my Mum gave the best cuddles in the whole world. When I was living in London and I would cry to Big M about being homesick, it was my Mum's hugs that I missed the most.

She was a brilliant cook and I can't believe the number of recipes I hadn't managed to learn. Her chicken soup was phenomenal but that's gone with her. Her world famous banana cake and zucchini patties I have though and each time I make a batch I will think of her.

She was a happy person - even when she was sick she would make us laugh and we could make her laugh. Her laugh was like a puffing train and it was very contagious. I will miss that.

I wanted to make this a huge entry and there is so much I want to write about her but I just can't do her justice in one entry. Maybe I will share more at a later stage. Maybe not. I just can't even think straight at the moment.

To all you bloggers out there that still can, hug your Mum's. For God only knows, I wish that I could.


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