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Thursday, November 10, 2005

And before I go...

I leave on my big trip tommorow. I am still a little wary of the visit but I am trying to be optimistic. As with all my overseas adventures I always try to do a big spring clean before I leave. I thought I should do the same with my blog.

The whole weight issue(which I thought would be a dominating issue of this blog) is no longer. I don't diet, I don't care. Since Mum passed I have realised that there are more improtant things in life and I have not counted calories, starved myself or looked at a diet recipe since. I am not a superhero and I still have thoughts that I am a fat arse but these thoughts pass quickly and I get on with life. I haven't been able to excercise either, not because I don't want to (I love to walk however jogging only lasted 2 months!) but because I have developed a problem with my legs that makes my ankles swell to the size of my thighs. I have always loved my skinny ankles. Oh well. My Doctor has told me to stay off my legs as much as possible. I will try swimming when I get back. Wanna hear the funniest thing? I am eating what I want and not excercising and my weight has stayed the same since Mum died. I have let go. It's a revelation.

My brother and Dad will be alright. They are both adult men and can make adult men decisions. I am not going to baby them. They will survive. Hey, Hey.

Big M has continued to be the sentimental bloke. He has watched over me and protected me through all of this. Although I have been very emotional and moody, he has taken it in his stride and been a shoulder to cry on. I don't expect this to last much longer but I am enjoying it for the moment.

Little Diggs is growing up so fast I can't keep up with him. My best friend is the best Mum I have ever seen. It is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

I love this blog. I have met some wonderful people through their sites and they leave encouraging and kind words for me. I can't tell them how much it means to me. It makes my day. A big thank you to all the caring bloggers.

And after all that has happened, I still think the world is an amazing place. See you after I get back from visiting another part of it.


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