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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why can't I be you?

I have a confession to make. I want to be you. Yes, that's right you. The blogger who can do everything. The blogger who has everything. The blogger who updates on a regular basis.

I want your talent. Yes, you talented bloggers. I want your drawing skills and your ability to knit anything but squares and a scarf. I want your sewing skills and softie ideas and hand-designed/hand-crafted clothes that look like they belong in the windows of those trendy shops in the High Street. I want the ability to create something that is SWAPABLE and the ideas to open an Etsy store. I want that talent.

I want your homes. Yes, your beauitful homes. I want your gorgeous abodes that look like a mix between the houses in Vogue Living, Martha Stewart and Oprah Home. I want your quirky ideas and your second hand furniture (especially the ones found dirt cheap or even better - for free!) and your self crafted cushions, curtains, art etc (see above). I want your bits and kotchkes and thingamajigs and stuff. I want how tidy and clean your homes always look in the photos. I want to be able to mix red, aqua and brown. I want your homes.

I want your cute children. Yes, your kids. The ones who have the vivid imaginations and the fantastic wardrobes and the witty repartie. The ones who are home schooled and intelligent and musical and art filled. I want those kids.

I want your energy. Yes, your extraordinary energy. I want to be able to go to work (a job I love, of course) and I want to raise two kids (see before) and I want to bake cakes (that people want to eat) most days and I want to have the energy to decorate my home and create enough wonderful goodies with my talent to be able to fill my Etsy shop and the local trendy shop and enough left over to swap. I want your immaculate gardens that produce enough gourmet goodies for me to cook ever tantalising meals and I want your creative photographic talent, so I can take wonderful photos on my evening walks and I want your energy to blog entertainingly EVERY DAY and I want to never, ever be sad.

Oh, why can't I be you?


  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger telfair said…

    But then you wouldn't be YOU, and the world would be a little less bright!

    Thanks for your comment on my site...I'll definitely keep your dad's shop in mind, it was so nice of you to offer that as an option. We've printed up some flyers & posters for work so I guess we'll see how we go there.

    Glad to have you back!


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