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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wrong number- 9 things about...

My name-

1. My real name is Yasmin
2. My Dad was a postman and saw it on a letter to Africa and decided he liked it
3. My Mum wanted to call me Tracy - Lee
4. My Dad won
5. Ya-ya is a nickname my nephew came up with when Yasmin was too difficult to pronounce
6. Everyone calls me Ya-ya
7. I kinda like being called Ya-ya
8. I have two middle names and they both belong to my grandmothers
9. I think my name suits me

What's your name? Go on - tell me.....


  • At 8:03 AM, Anonymous sueeeus said…

    My name is Sue. Big stretch, big surprise! I'm glad to see you back, and I think you have a beautiful name. I just read all of your recent posts. Happy belated birthday, first. And about that second one -- the side of life in which bloggers (at least those who are anything like me)post pics of seeming perfection and astounding accomplishments -- be comforted in knowing that at least my pics are taken in that split instant between chaos and more chaos when the house is presentable (or else the chaos is just luckily blurred in the background), my completed projects are few and far between, and, well, I will say that my beautiful boy is everything that I gush about, but that's what mom's do. :) Anyway, I'm glad to see you're back. So please, please, don't stop posting because you don't think what you have to say is worthwhile. It IS! And, finally, about grief. I don't know if it goes away. The loss is sort of like a gaping hole that can never be filled, is a struggle to understand, and takes time to grow used to. At least, that's how it is for me. I still cry. Alot. And I think of you. Because it seems as though you might be feeling this way too.
    Take care, Ya-Ya. :)

  • At 4:08 AM, Blogger Vita said…

    I like your name, and am glad your Dad won and your nephew came up with your nickname. Bravo.

  • At 2:42 AM, Anonymous sueeeus said…

    YaYa! Where ARE you? I hope you are okay.


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